Narrative Designer with Arkane Studios (Austin, TX)

Live from the stage/my workspace

Hazel Monforton

I am the Narrative Designer at Arkane Studios in Austin, Texas, working alongside the talented team behind Dishonored (2012) and Prey (2017).

I received my doctorate in English Literature in 2018 from the University of Durham. My research focuses on the writings of 20th century English authors Virginia Woolf and Angela Carter, examining the ways in which public and private institutions use violence within their major novels. I use a feminist reworking of the theories of René Girard, particularly his writing on the sacrificial crisis, to study these disparate authors comparatively.

Alongside this, I've researched and wrote on video game narratives and affective design. My publications include numerous editorials on the themes and arcs of various titles, as well as an academic chapter on how video games can change our understanding of established critical theory. How video games use the particularities of the medium to express and articulate complex stories is an endlessly fascinating topic to me.

I completed a BA (Hons) at Lancaster University in 2010, graduating with a first class degree in English literature and creative writing. In 2012 I graduated from the University of Oxford with a MSt in Women's Studies. I began my PhD in 2013.




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